Career Savvy Women
“Businesses that don't 'get' women are unlikely to see corporate success in the 21st century”
- Sir John Bond, Chair Xstrata

FACT: Companies with a higher ratio of women in boardroom or senior leadership roles are seen to perform better

FACT: Figures show far fewer women advance into senior roles meaning organisations lose out on the unique contribution and profitability that women can bring

FACT: Women face unique challenges to progressing their professional and leadership careers. Most standard training and development programmes ignore this

If you're responsible for talent development in your organisation...

  • Career Savvy Women is a unique online leadership development resource to enable you to maximise the talents of your female managers and leaders and nurture those with potential for senior roles

If you're a woman who wants to take charge of her own career and take the big step into a senior management role...

  • Career Savvy Women can get you into the driving seat to develop your career

Interested? Read on and find out how Career Savvy Women can benefit you and your organisation or please call Monika Barnes to discuss.

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