Career Savvy Women
"Plugging the leaks in the talent pipeline is clearly a top priority... a promising opportunity to capture by focusing on the transition from mid level manager to senior manager"
- McKinsey April 2011 'Unlocking the Full Potential of Women

What We Do

  • We work with women to improve performance and achieve their potential. Our goal is to help increase the numbers of women in senior roles in organisations
  • We offer a unique online leadership development service with a personal touch unashamedly addressing the needs of female professionals
  • We focus on the 4Cs of Confidence, Communication, Contribution and Credibility, four factors that research shows hold women back from achieving their full potential
  • Our team comprises expert accredited female practitioners who have cultivated the talents and skills of a thousand plus professional women
  • Our clients include creative media organisations, financial institutions, government bodies as well as global consultancies
  • Our advisory group is formed of women Board Directors and Non Executive Directors committed to offering their support and guidance to the vision of Career Savvy Women

Our Philosophy

We believe that being proactive is vital. We want you to be in the driving seat of your career so you take control and navigate your way to success.

We will help you develop your 4Cs

  • Be Confident when it matters
  • Communicate with impact
  • Maximise your Contribution
  • Develop the Credibility that gets you noticed and promoted

All this can be achieved by us working together using a carefully constructed online and face to face development programme.

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