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"Remember Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels"
- Faith Whittlesey

Who We Are

Career Savvy Women was established by me Monika Barnes. You can read more about me, my background and my clients in The Team.

When I work with clients I usually ask them to tell me their story, so I wanted to share mine and why I was inspired to set up Career Savvy Women.

I'm an accredited executive coach, work psychologist, leadership tutor and facilitator of senior level development programmes and events. I've spent 30 years honing my craft and expertise and have a proven track record in accelerating the leadership skills of many hundreds of leaders and professionals.

In recent years I've developed a 'niche' in working with women to help them succeed at the highest levels of organisations and have had the pleasure of working with many amazing, competent, committed and very talented women.

So, why is it that women don't make it through to the most senior levels? In my coaching work every client is identified as an individual with their own personal needs and challenges. However I noticed that 4 common themes emerge time and again, which seem to prevent women from fulfilling their potential and moving up the promotional ladder. These themes link and overlap but my belief is that developing them is key for any woman who wants to be successful on her career and leadership journey.

I named these themes the 4Cs that is Confidence, Communication, Contribution and Credibility and began to build a programme of women's development around each of them.

There are fabulous initiatives going on but there was a gap in the provision of what I was looking for, and I wanted to address that. I conducted research groups, read all the latest research, and combined that with my own and professional colleagues' knowledge and insight to produce and launch Career Savvy Women.

I'm very excited about this site and the difference we hope to make. We are already looking to the future, working towards making your website more on line and fully integrated.

Watch out for our Mentor Me section launching later this year.

Please email us with your feedback as to how we can improve and make our offer even better.

Warm wishes

Mokia Barnes 

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