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"Coaching and mentoring offer highly effective ways of addressing womens' lower confidence and ambition and encouraging them to realise their leadership potential"
- Financial Times 2011

Executive Coaching

Coaching is 1-1 bespoke development. It enables you to engage in a confidential, challenging yet supportive discussion so you can work on your immediate and particular work challenges and agree a personal action plan to overcome them. It is a very powerful way of sustaining personal growth and achieving your potential.

This is ideal for you if you want to have a personal and 1-1 development programme that will help you to:

  • Increase your self-awareness and develop your confidence and performance in your role
  • Prepare you for promotion to a top job
  • Help you transition into a new leadership role
  • Reduce stress and achieve a better work/life balance

How It Works

Coaching sessions can be held face-to-face or over the phone. Sessions are 90 minutes and typically held every 4-6 weeks.

When you're partnered with a coach, they'll contact you to scope out your coaching goals and confirm the arrangements. Organising the timing of sessions to fit in with busy schedules. Coaching is responsive and flexible, so these arrangements can vary.

For more information on Executive Coaching, Maternity and Transition Coaching log in to our resources section - Career Savvy Bytes.

The Executive Coaches

All our executive coaches are accredited and have a proven successful track record of accelerating the performance and progress of people in organisations.

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