Career Savvy Women
"Our research highlights how important it is for women to access accurate and specific feedback"
- Why Women Mean Business 2008

Personal Profiling

We offer 4 different personal profiling tools.

The Career Savvy Women Impact Survey

Career Savvy Women 360 reviewThis personal profile questionnaire is unique and exclusive to Career Savvy Women and available as a 360 Feedback Review and/or self assessment option. Read more

Career Tactics

Career tactics Career Tactics explains why talent and competence is not enough to advance your career. It is extensively used in high potential leadership programmes and executive coaching. Read more

The MBTIŽ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

MBTI The MBTIŽ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is one of the oldest and most respected psychometric instruments in the world with over 50 years of research behind it. Read more

Career Motivation Indicator

Career Motivation IndicatorThe CMI helps you understand what you want from work, and what to be aware of when planning your career or considering a career change.  Read more

Research on women's career development, as well as our own findings confirms that 'really knowing yourself' is fundamental to developing the self-confidence and self-awareness necessary to progress. The results of our personal profiling will help you to:

  • Form the basis of a meaningful development plan
  • Gather valuable feedback about your natural strengths and your impact on others
  • Make sense of your career motivators and working preferences
  • Alert you to your development areas
  • Maximise your career intelligence at work


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