Career Savvy Women
"Talent is what companies compete for, depend on and succeed because of"
- Harvard Business Review Online

We offer 4 workshops.  These are available as either

  • a full one day programme, recommended to get maximum sustainable benefit
  • or a shorter taster event, we call CareerSavvy Bytesize 

All are held at our training suite 35 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London,  WC2H 9BA

For more details or to book a place

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Full Day Workshops                                                                       Bytesize Events

Engage with Confidence and Raise Your Profile - Ideal if you are looking for techniques to develop your presence, profile, visibility & project greater confidence in situation which matter 

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Communicate with Impact - A fast moving, practical workshop giving you powerful tools and techniques to communicate with impact every time 




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Achieving Career Success - A powerful 3-step framework to put you in the driving seat of your career management

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Being A Leader - Develop your personal leadership style and increase your authority, impact and reputation

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