Career Savvy Women
"Life is like riding a bike. It's impossible to maintain your balance whilst standing still"
- Linda Brakeall 'Unlocking the Secrets of Successful women in Business'

Diamond, Ruby, Pearl Passport
We offer the facility to purchase a diamond, ruby or pearl passport.
Each passport accesses a package of development consisting of a self-selected mix of personal profilingworkshops and executive coaching.  Read about passport detail here

Our passports are a more cost effective option than purchasing items individually and deliver a better return on your investment.  As we know, as an investment,  diamonds will prove to be 'a girls best friend'!

Why a Combination of Personalised Development Matters

Career and Leadership Development is rarely a ‘quick fix’. We want to actively discourage what happens to many development programmes. They can be ‘interesting’ and ‘good fun’ but translating the experience into real life frequently falls short.  

Our passport approach:

  • Takes account of individual learning styles
  • Provides a variety of learning situations to reinforce development and progress
  • Motivates individuals to stay on track and get results

    If you have corporate sponsorship we recommend you discuss the best options for you with your HR or line manager
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