Career Savvy Women
"McKinsey's 2010 Leadership research found many women bring an approach to leadership well suited to the challenges that major organisations face today"

Benefits of Using Career Savvy Women

Career Savvy Women is a single development resource for organisations who want to get the most benefit from their high achieving female talent or to nurture those with potential for senior roles. What we do and how we do it is unique and has the following benefits.

Benefits to Organisations include:

  • Retain and develop your female professionals and create a larger talent pool for succession planning
  • Self managed online element reduces HR administration and provides easier control of Learning and Development budgets
  • Access via packages & passports is empowering for individuals. You 'gift' and 'reward' as opposed to 'sending' candidates on a programme of development
  • 'Owned and self-managed' by individuals, necessary ingredients for the return on investment of any development programme
  • A quotable and measureable initiative that can be used to demonstrate progress against corporate governance and gender diversity targets

See bespoke services for how we can tailor what we do to specifically align with your organisation's needs.

Benefits to Individual Professionals include:

  • An individualised development plan created from a self selected mix of personal profiling, coaching and one-day workshops
  • The flexibility to work at a convenient time and pace
  • Expert advice and guidance from a team of career and leadership development experts with experience across a range of sectors
  • Pragmatic and easy to use tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to get results
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