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"73% of women managers believe there are barriers preventing them from progressing to top levels"
- ILM Research 2011

The Career Savvy Women Impact Survey

This personal profile questionnaire is unique and exclusive to Career Savvy Women and available as a 360 Feedback Review and/or self assessment option. It is specifically designed to profile the attributes proven to maximise career success, the 4Cs of Confidence, Communication, Contribution and Credibility.

Why this matters

  • Completing this at the start of your development programme will help you build a robust action plan to focus on developing the critical 4Cs and track and assess your progress.

360 Feedback

  • The 360 gathers feedback online from your chosen respondents, typically your line manager, direct reports, peers, colleagues and possibly clients compiled into an anonymous report. The results provide very valuable feedback about how you are seen by others, and highlights what you are really good at, what you are less good at and how to improve. This process is conducted in a completely secure environment and on a strictly confidential basis. To ensure you get the most from this feedback, the results must be debriefed.
  • Choose the 360 option if you're a manager of people and/or resources, and you have at least 6 respondents who know you well, and who would be willing to complete a feedback questionnaire.

360 Feedback profile

360 Feedback Profile

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Self-Assessment Profile

If you do not wish to do the 360 Feedback, you can opt for self assessment.

Take a look at the FAQs in our resources section for further help and information.

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